Different Types of Roof

There are a lot of varieties when you’re choosing a type of roof for your home or commercial business. You will need to double check the factors of it if the purpose of that roof will suit your home or business. If ever you want a list of roof types with their functions here is the list for you. 

Here listed below are the many different types of roof you probably didn’t know about and their functions: 

  • The Gable Roofing  

Gable roofing is the most common type of roofing that is formed in a triangular manner wherein there are two sides connecting at the top. This is the easiest one to build among all roofing types and can be applied to almost all types of houses.  

  • The Hip Roofing 

This one is similar to gable roofing only that it has 4 sides, it’s still formed in a triangular manner as well. This one is very popular among the market since its very aesthetically pleasing.  

  • The Dutch Roofing 

This one is similar to the hip roofing with small gables at each end and the purpose of this is to get more light into the room since there will be extra areas wherein light can go in from the openings.  

  • The Mansard Roofing 

This type of roofing originated from the French and it’s quite harder to build than other roofing. This has 2 slopes on the sides and the bottom part is steeper. Since this is the case with the mansard roof a lot more space is provided.  

  • The Flat Roofing 

Flat roofing is flat but slightly sloped on one side so that the water or other forms of debris would easily slide down on the slope.  

  • The Shed Roofing 

Shed roofing is similar to flat roofing however the slope is more noticeable than that of the flat roofing. This one is typically used on smaller housings, sheds, garages and even forest houses.  

  • The Butterfly Roofing  

This one is a unique design and is one of the most popular design now in the market. This type of roofing offers better ventilation, is more aesthetic and uniquely designed but often times the problem is the gutter and drainage. 

  • The Gambrel Roofing  

This is also called barn roofing, this one is done because it commonly used in barns however when used in homes, this usually gives more space for the attic. 

  • The Dormer Roofing 

The dormer room has an extra window and creates another usable space within the roofing. This is commonly used if you want to maximize the spacing of the house.  

  • The M Shaped Roofing 

This type of roofing is like a gable but is doubled and that the two slopes meet together in the middle making an m shape.  

If you are thinking of getting your roof repaired or thinking of changing the design of your roofing then you can contact your local roofing contractor to get a roof estimate for your roofing revisions or roof repairs. 

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Advantages of Stamped Concrete Pool Deck 

Our home is our greatest investment. It is where we build our family and future aspirations. As a homeowner, it’s our responsibility to make sure that the home’s value increases. One of the ways in where you can improve the appearance of your house (specifically pool deck) is having the concrete stamped.  

Concrete Pool Deck

Because of the availability of patterns and colors, it’s difficult to choose one that matches your desired style and available budget. There are many matches to choose from, so be informed of the following benefits you can get from having your pool deck stamped by professionals of Stamped Concrete Kansas City.  

Durability and Performance 

Aside from stamping patio and walkways, stamping the concrete pool deck is a great idea if you compare other materials use to make a pool deck. You will get the optimum performance and durability of the pool if you use stamped concrete. But it would also depend on the installation method and class of concrete material used. But overall, a stamped concrete pool deck is durable enough to carry different loads without settling.  


You have to make sure that everyone’s safe when they swim in the pool and walk around the deck. If you compare other materials, stamped concrete on pool deck lasts long and is safer to walk on. This is because it doesn’t settle easily and hard to break. The only advantage you can get is that cracks can happen sometimes but it’s not a great problem.  

Aesthetic Value 

If you want your pool deck to look like stones, wood or bricks, you can achieve so by having it stamped. If you want your pool deck to look as appealing as those materials but at an affordable price; you can do so by having it stamped. You can stamp the deck in different sizes, colors and patterns that either matches your surrounding or the existing style of your house. It’s also available in different patterns, textures and colors.  


Concrete stamping is not labor intensive, so you would spend less on labor fees and charges because it can be done for one or two days, depending on the space stamped. The installation and maintenance cost is also low compared to other paving materials like wood and natural stones. The maintenance routine is not that difficult too. You can reapply the seal or coating at least once a year, and just sweep the dirt off.  


The possibility of mixing colors and designs is endless because stamped concrete is that versatile. Your design won’t look like your neighbor’s, especially that there are so many patterns to choose from. There are many advances in stamping tools and coloring techniques offered by companies. The concrete material can be formed into the shape of any design, so it’s becoming more versatile now.  

Better Value 

Having your pool deck stamped will increase the resale value of your house. It can be colored, textured and stenciled to mimic the appearance of brick and stone pavers (which could be really expensive).  

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Signs to Look for When Experiencing Thinning Hair

Hair loss is considered as a very common things and most women and men will experience it at some point of their life. As a matter of fact, hair loss can take place for a wide number of reasons and sometimes, it is completely normal and nothing for you to worry about. 

Experiencing Thinning Hair

It’s quite normal to lose hair every day, but at times, hair loss could be severe and because of that, you will be needing hair restoration or hair replacement treatments. In this article, we will be telling you the signs that you have to watch out for the moment you thing that your hair may be thinning excessively. 

Your Hair Often Falls Off in Clumps

As we have already mentioned above, we are all prone to losing our hair and you will notice this naturally when you are washing or brushing your hair. In addition to that, for some people, you may start to notice that you are losing more compared to your daily hair’s normal fingers. Having said that, when clumps of hair comes when brushing your hair or maybe you notice clumps of hair when you wash your hair, it can certainly mean that your hair is already thinning excessively and because of that, you may need a professional hair treatment procedure. 

Check if You Have Bald Patches

When you feel like you’re experiencing hair loss excessively, or in the last few months it has been natural to you to find clumps of hair fall, then another sign that you should look out for is thinning and if there are balding areas that you can find on the scalp.  

You Feel that Your Hair Becomes Lighter

For those people with thicker hair, you will know and feel your hair’s weight when you are brushing or styling it. One sign of thinning hair is when you notice that your hair’s weight is changing, it may also feel lighter than normal and because of that, we can say that it can be relatable to your thinning of hair. 

You Experience Problems When Styling Your Hair

When it comes to brushing or styling your hair every day, chances are you may be able to notice that your hair is already thinning excessively. One good example of this is that if you usually wear or style your hair tied up, you will certainly notice that your hair may feel much thinner than usual, and because of that you will more likely to have more turns of hair tie in order to make sure that your hair is even more secured. 

Your Scalp is Becoming More Visible

Commonly, most women tend to lose their hair from the top portion of their heads and near the parting, unlike males who often start to lose their hair initially from the front area of their head. As a matter of fact, one good sign that you should look out for is when you notice that your parting is widening, changing, and or your scalp becomes more visible compared to your usual scalp as it can be due to excessive hair thinning.  

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